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Take the famous Fragment 130 (it's telling that Sappho's poems are labeled as numbered fragments in most 20th century translations), which reads in its entirety: "Once again Love, the loosener of limbs, shakes me, that sweet-bitter irresistible creature." Obbink's discovery of the two new poems was hailed as a miracle, but in some circles, it was met with hesitation.

Sappho's long-lost verses had been translated from an ancient papyrus that was in the hands of an anonymous collector in London. Some archaeologists and historians worried it came from Egypt's black market, or feared that it could be a forgery akin to the Gospel of Jesus's Wife, a sensational manuscript that now seems to be a fake.

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This multispectral image shows the papyrus fragment containing Sappho's "Brothers Poem" and "Kypris Poem." When it was whole, this sheet would have made up one column of a papyrus roll, equivalent to a page in a book.

Imagine that every copy of William Shakespeare's First Folio had been destroyed some 350 years ago.

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